Book Review


I love a good book, especially on days like today! Give me a warm drink, our favorite blanket, and a great novel. I have always loved to read. My husband had asked my brother, Tim,  what he remembers about growing up with me and Tim’s reply was, “she read a lot!” I absolutely love a good novel. I love getting lost in the story line and relating to the protagonists. Because Sam wakes in the middle of the night to feed, I sometimes can’t go back to sleep, so I end up reading and I usually fall back asleep unless the book takes a wild turn! Thankfully, a couple years ago my husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas so I could read at night without bothering him! The last books I read were:

The Kept Woman By Karin Slaughter

At the start of this book, I didn’t think I was going to like it. At. All. However, I persevered and it ended up being so good! There are so many twists and turns that it totally keeps you guessing! In this book there are a couple protagonists and you go back and forth between their perspectives. One protagonist is a detective, Will, with Georgia Bureau of Investigation who just lost a case trying to put away a wealthy, pro athlete for rape charges. This same athlete shows up again during a murder case he is trying to solve. The second perspective is Will’s girlfriend, Sara, who is also the GBI’s new medical examiner and the two have to work together to solve the murder. However, things from Will’s past creep up and it makes solving this murder difficult as well as haunts his relationship with Sara. The story line in this book is very broad which I really liked. It covers a whole lot but I liked it because it was different from most books with a very small story line. I love mystery and this book definitely comes through!

Behind Closed Doors By B. A. Paris

Behind Closed Doors sucks you in quick. It goes back and forth between past and present of the most perfect couple. How they met and how they came to be married. However, you quickly figure out something isn’t right. It gets very curious and you will want to know how it ends! It was a really suspenseful book to read because you couldn’t predict what was going to happen next. It leaves you guessing until the end. I really enjoyed it!

The Marriage Lie By Kimberly Belle

The Marriage Lie was one of my favorite books I have ever read. It takes you on a crazy adventure of a woman who thought her husband was going on a business trip to Florida but gets a call from the airlines that he was actually on a flight to Seattle that crashed! She is sure it is a mistake but starts digging and things just don’t make sense. This book literally kept me in suspense until the very last sentence. I highly recommend this book!

The French Girl By Lexie Elliott

I read this book because it sounded fascinating. The protagonist is one of six college students that (a decade ago) were vacationing in France when their neighbor next door was murdered. The mystery was never solved and the body was never found. Fast forward to current day and the French police recovered the body and have more questions for the six students. The protagonist finds herself in the middle of the investigation with her old college friends after all that time and knows somethings up with a couple of them, one actually being her ex. This isn’t my favorite book but I did end up wanting to see how it ended and it had some surprises.

The River At Night By Erica Ferencik

This is the last book that I read and I had been wanting to read it for awhile. It is about 4 middle age best friends, all very different, that need an adventure. The bold one of the group gets all of them to agree to go on a rafting trip in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Maine. Well, as you can expect, things don’t really go as planned. That’s all I will say without giving anything away. This book is a little bit predictable, but there are some things that are a surprise. It is not my favorite book but I did enjoy reading it.

What are you currently reading? I need my next book!