Whole 30: Week 2 Recap

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This stuff is a #whole30 lifesaver

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Lunch prep

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Making almond milk for chia seed pudding


The second week went about as expected. To be honest, I didn’t feel much different, maybe even worse at times.


Days 8 & 9

I changed up my breakfast from the egg muffins I made during week one and made fried eggs instead. I added guacamole and left over meat from dinner the night before. It was amazing! I came to realize I like fried eggs more than scrambled ­čśë During these two days, I felt bloated and kind of lethargic which they say is normal. I did not enjoy this. At. All. I powered through because they say days 10 & 11 are the worst. I wanted to keep some motivation!

Days 10 & 11

During days 10 & 11 I was still uncomfortably bloated, not really craving anything, nothing was really different except that I started to get discouraged. I started to wonder if I was doing it right. I figured that was the “hard days” talking. I decided on day 11 to see if maybe something I was eating was making me so bloated and lethargic. I usually never eat this many eggs (I was eating at least two a day) so I decided to not eat eggs for 3 or 4 days and see what happens. I did not find days 10 & 11 to be the hardest (maybe because it was in the middle of the week and I was busy with work) but they were not easy. I definitely had a struggle because I wasn’t seeing any results in the mirror and the only thing physically that had improved was that I was sleeping well.

Days 12-14

Day 12 was my first day on Whole 30 that I didn’t have eggs. Instead of eggs for breakfast, I had two organic chicken sausages that were left over from the night before. I wanted to make sure I would have plenty of protein since I wasn’t going to eat eggs. I also brought lots of guacamole, veggies and fruit to work. I noticed after I ate breakfast I felt kind of itchy all over and my nose was a little runny. Either I was detoxing from the eggs or I was allergic to the organic apple chips that I had just ate. By the time I got home from work I was more irritable that normal and I am wondering if I was detoxing or the fact that it was Friday and I knew I couldn’t have a glass of wine.

I woke up the next day from a dream about being on a road trip in Hawaii and someone wanted Taco Time. They say in the book it is normal to dream of junk food but I didn’t believe them. I do not crave Taco Time and I never eat there so I thought it was hilarious that I dreamt this! Day 13 I ended up having a lot of energy and got a ton of stuff done. I power cleaned my house, accomplished a ton of errands and even made our friends homemade biscotti. I was pretty hungry by lunch so I cooked organic grass fed ground beef and ate that over salad with a lot of salsa and guacamole. It was amazing.

On the 14th day, I woke up with vertigo. It was awful. I didn’t have much energy and I wasn’t too hungry because the vertigo was making me nauseous. I ended up taking some drops of peppermint essential oil and that help the nausea subside. Even though I was dizzy if I moved my head up or down, I was determined not to let this interfere with my Whole 30. I got down some steak salad with lots of guacamole with oven roasted sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes made my day! They were absolutely delicious. #newfav

I am looking forward to week 3. I am almost halfway there!

Whole 30: Week 1 Recap

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Making Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Soaking Almonds for Homemade Almond Milk


For the most part, I eat well. Most things we cook are organic and my husband hunts so we eat a lot of wild game. I do have Italian blood running through my veins, therefore I love a bold Malbec and almost any kind of pizza.

Deciding to try Whole 30 wasn’t too hard of a decision but I knew it was going to be a challenge. If you don’t know what Whole 30 is, it is very similar to the Paleo Diet. Absolutely no dairy, sugar (in any shape or form, including non-sugar sweeteners), legumes, and grains. You can read more about Whole 30 here.

 Days 1 & 2

The first day I felt great! Before work, I finished making almond milk from scratch (for the very first time) and I was so proud of myself! It tasted amazing with my espresso shots #coffeelover

I am not really a huge breakfast eater, but I knew I needed to plan my meals for the week┬á so that I could be prepared and not get myself into a pinch and want to cheat. The night before I started Whole 30 I made egg muffins with kale, red onions and mushrooms. I ate them at work with guacamole and they curbed my hunger until mid afternoon. I also munched on organic apple chips, carrots, kombucha and oranges. The first two days of The Whole 30 weren’t bad especially since I didn’t really experience any cravings for things not Whole 30 approved. I also didn’t really struggle with the food hangover they talk about having on days 2 & 3.

Days 3 & 4

Days 3 and 4 I was more tired than normal and a little cranky! They say you get very irritable days 4 & 5 and really tired days 6 & 7. I think that because I really didn’t eat that poorly beforehand I skipped the hangover phase and my body jumped right to the “I just want to nap phase.” On days 3 & 4 I had to pry myself from the covers. One of the days I actually got up and made my coffee, only to crawl back into bed for 20 more minutes. Which never happens. When I am up, I am up. As for the crankiness, I think for me it was more stress at work than anything ­čśë

Days 5, 6 & 7

Ok, here is where my cravings for wine and bread showed up. I spoke in a high school’s health classes on day 5 (6 different classes) from 7:30am to 12:10pm. I didn’t have any time to eat during that time because I had one class right after the other. After I was done speaking I had to go back to work and then my adrenaline starting wearing off and I was starving! When I got to work, I ate a bunch of grapes, organic turkey meat, hard boiled eggs, and two lemon Lara bars (my absolute favorite things EVER). On my way home from work, all I could think about was how nice a glass of red wine would be with dinner. Ugh. I powered through and instead opted for some mango kombucha in a fancy glass. The next day was Saturday and I took the day off of exercise and just really let my body rest. I didn’t have much of an appetite this day (which they said can be normal) but I did crave coffee and bread. I went to Starbucks and got a decaf iced espresso and brought some of my homemade almond milk to add into it. #imnotevensorry┬á I went to Costco and found some dried organic figs and munched on those on the way home. They cured my craving for bread for the most part. I was shocked at how sweet they were! Sunday the cravings had subsided and I felt I had a little more energy than normal.

I am excited to see what the next week will bring. They say days 10 and 11 are the hardest so I am going to continue to just take it one day at a time, five minutes at a time!




Who’s great idea was it to make 40 hours a week “normal.”

I understand we need to pay the bills, but sheesh. If you work 40 hours or more in one week, you are spending the majority of your time, working. You have to be around your co-workers whether you like them or not, whether you hired them or not, whether they are doing their job or not.

I get if you love your career and you have sacrificed that for family but what about for those of us who work hard, very hard, for those 40+ hours a week who take pride in their work, do their job well but still want a life?

I work in an office and sometimes I even have to work weekends, 10+ hour days and that is the NORM for this business. Why the heck are we killing ourselves just because this is what the rest of America does? Though there are parts I like about my job I often complain about it. A few months ago, I was reminded that I need to enjoy exactly where I am at. So I am learning how to do just that, not just where I am wanting to be.

Here are some things that I have learned to do to make sure I can enjoy where I am at:

  1. God

I would not know how to deal with all the stress and all the crap that this worlds shoves on us if it wasn’t for Him. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” I know this verse is thrown around a lot but it is for good reason. This verse tells me that He HAS a plan. Not an idea, not a guess, a PLAN. I have made many decisions without listening to God and they never turned into a disaster. Jeremiah 29:12-13 say, “Then when you come upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you. When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all of your heart.”

I cannot start my day without praying. I don’t know what they day is going to bring but God does and He can prepare me for it.

2. Exercise

I am sure you know all the health benefits (physically, emotionally and mentally) so I won’t bore you with those details, but it is true. Exercise is amazing. I run 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes before I go to work and on the weekends I do yoga. It is hard work but it soothes me. While running, I listen to worship music, pray or listen to sermons by Mark Driscoll or Joyce Meyer. While running, I feel I absorb what I am listening to even more and it helps me to have a good mindset for the day and/or rest of the week.

3. Guilty Pleasure

I am not saying to give in to your guilty pleasure ALL the time, but you should give in sometimes. I absolutely love Bravo and during the week I will sit down, have a glass of wine and watch Real Housewives (doesn’t matter which one, I love them all). This does not consume my life but after a long stressful day at work I can sit down and check out for 60 minutes and give myself a much needed break.

When you are having a rough day, you just need to take it five minutes at a time.








For the past year I have really enjoyed reading other peoples blogs, learning from them, seeing their experiences, etc. I want to start my own because I love sharing things that I love and things I have learned. It will be exciting too, to get other peoples perspectives from all over the world.

I am supremely into fashion and health and that is what I want to write about. I love trying new outfits and over the past few years I have been studying up on more holistic ways to help cure common and uncommon diseases. This probably stems from when I was anorexic in high school (more about that on my About page). I no longer struggle with anorexia but because of it I know how important it is to take exceptional care of your body.

I want to connect with others who share my interests but also with those who don’t. I want to take all that I can from other bloggers and maybe also help or inspire them as well.