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When I find nontoxic and holistic products I love (after trying products over and over that don’t work) I want to share what I find! Here is what I have been using and loving lately.

Magnesium Lotion

Since I have a 6 month old (so crazy!), the sleep that I do get needs to be amazing. Therefore, I must do all means necessary to get that quality sleep! Enter, magnesium lotion! Magnesium is hard to get enough of, especially since our soil is so depleted. It is also best absorbed through your skin. This magnesium lotion is awesome. I used to try and take baths with Epsom salt or use magnesium oil to get my magnesium intake up. However, baths are hard to take when you are a mom and the oil spray can easily sting and it is really hard to wash off. This lotion however, is so easy. I put one pump on each foot before bed and rub in. Within minutes I feel more relaxed and I totally notice a difference when I forget to use it! For more on how important magnesium is read this article.

goop G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo

Okay. This is THE BEST shampoo I have ever used. Nontoxic or not. When I hit 4 months postpartum, not only was I losing hair but my scalp was extremely dry! It is something I have struggled with before but never this bad. This shampoo however, not only deep cleans your hair but it leaves my scalp fresh and not flaky. It strips away oils, dirt and any product residue. This stuff is seriously a Godsend. I use this once a week and I usually only wash my hair twice a week.

Dry Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing has been kind of a fad the past couple of years but I haven’t really tried it until now. After having a baby, my hormones are all crazy and my skin has been taking the brute of it. I ended up getting keratosis pilaris (tiny bumps) on my arms and a little on my legs. I tried dry skin brushing twice a day, with this brush and within two days I saw relief! Dry Skin Brushing is also extremely good at detoxing your lymphatic system, helping it rid your body of toxins. Learn more about it here. I also use the face dry brush for my face twice a week to fluff off any dead or damaged skin. I use in a circular motion before I was my face and it does wonders! My face is always so soft after using it.

Acupuncture Mat

This is so random how I found this mat, but I am so glad I found it! My back was killing me and bored one day on Amazon, I searched “back pain” and this acupuncture mat popped up. This was at least a couple years ago when I did the search and the mat was only $15 back then. I thought, “it cant hurt to try for only $15.” Low and behold, both Cory and I use this thing daily. We now have three mats total in my house and I have bought it many for friends and family members. My husband and I use them EVERY night when we are ready to go to sleep. I have also brought them on road trips and it really helps your back when you are driving long distance (this was my husband’s saving grace when we drove to Montana a couple years ago).

If you are looking at this thing and thinking, “no way” I feel you. At first, it really hurt. I won’t lie. It is best to use on bare skin but it gets better, I promise! You just need to get yourself into a position you can handle, and commit to laying on it for 5 min. Then the next time 6 or 7 minutes and so on. Before you know it you will fall asleep on it you are so relaxed. This mat is so helpful since I store all my stress in my neck and shoulders, not to mention breastfeeding! I can position it to help all my problem spots and I love the pillow it comes with, since it fits right under my neck.

This website is what I have been looking for! They dubbed themselves the “Sephora of Clean Beauty.” They have so many products that I have never even heard of. I am so excited to explore all of them! For my first purchase I bought the Clean Essentials Kit which is a little sample kit of their best selling skincare products. I actually love everything that came in it and I want to get the toner in a regular size. Everything smells incredible too! I have heard great things about some of their shampoos and conditioners too. I will do another post reviewing some products I have been trying.

What are some of your favorite products you are using right now? Comment below!

All pictures by Jessica Walla.

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