For the past year I have really enjoyed reading other peoples blogs, learning from them, seeing their experiences, etc. I want to start my own because I love sharing things that I love and things I have learned. It will be exciting too, to get other peoples perspectives from all over the world.

I am supremely into fashion and health and that is what I want to write about. I love trying new outfits and over the past few years I have been studying up on more holistic ways to help cure common and uncommon diseases. This probably stems from when I was anorexic in high school (more about that on my About page). I no longer struggle with anorexia but because of it I know how important it is to take exceptional care of your body.

I want to connect with others who share my interests but also with those who don’t. I want to take all that I can from other bloggers and maybe also help or inspire them as well.


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